Featured Philosophy Shorts

To Give Is To Get

What you give is what you get; give nothing and you will in turn receive nothing. Likewise, the opposite is true. Give everything and your kindness will be reciprocated. But do mind that giving because you want something will result in reciprocation that wants something. Aim therefore to become someone for whom the very act of giving is in and of itself the goal; someone for whom a smile is all the payment you need.

A Place Far Away

The wind speaks to me in gentle whispers, telling of a place far away where I may find happiness at last, and yet somewhere deep inside a voice of reason resides. What I seek has been here all along, but it is hard to reach, and thus it is easier to entertain thoughts of an easier solution. To look up at the sky as I do now, dreaming about that place; a place where all of my worries turn to naught. What causes happiness? Is it the sights you see… or perhaps the people you meet? Well, no. Things in themselves no not cause happiness. Fly, fly if you want, fly far away, but you can never escape yourself. It is us and the impressions we have of the world that causes happiness; or unhappiness. Yet… despite it being obvious that we hold the key to our happiness, we cannot make ourself exert the effort to turn the key. Because… what if that place existed, what it it were as easy as that. Instead of having to deal with ourselves… we could just earn enough money to buy a flight to paradise. Sadly it does not work like that. Work and work so hard that you break, all for empty promises. Then again, I am the same. As I look up at the sky I cannot help but listen to the sweet sweet whispers carried by the wind. Clinging onto empty hopes of a place far away where all my worries turn to naught.

The Value Of Philosophy

Philosophy (from greek: philosophia; love of wisdom) is the study of general and fundamental questions. Including – reason, existence, knowledge, values, mind, and language. The field of philosophy, I argue, is highly neglected in modern times, that which I feel is really quite ironic considering the need for philosophy being greater than ever. That which I believe because the demands placed upon us paired with a comfortable and mechanic lifestyle experienced in many parts of the world makes our brains go haywire, that which easily can lead to great stress and anguish. So where does philosophy fit into all of this? Well, studying philosophy is about learning about new ways of viewing (seeing oneself in relation to) the world and to interact with it, and whereas one can live a life without philosophy, I do not believe that one such man is fully equipped to respond to the harsh demand of life nor to appreciate its beauty.

That Which Truly Matters

Riches can be stolen, fame can be forgotten. External forces are not in our control, and thus it seems very strange to me to put our everything into that which is not entirely ours. What truly matters in the end is that which is ours and cannot be taken away – our mind. To be precise, the process of reflection, and the character and morality that follows.

Don’t Fight It

That which I have begun to understand is the futility of fighting against our basic human instincts. I mean not that you nor I should let them rule us, but rather that we seek to carve a path on where both reason and instinct can walk in peace. Accept that there are certain needs, certain wants and instincts that are engraved into us for the very reason that we are animals; humans are animals though we seem to forget so at times. First step is to accept the nature of our basic human instincts and needs, not to deny or hate. For then one can take action to limit it as one does an unruly child. If you deny the very existence of this child, who knows what manner of chaos will follow in his wake? Accept rather that he be there and seek to gently lead him onto the right path, let him act within the bounds you make. Limit his control over your life.

To Live In The Moment

To exist in this particular plane of time and state of being is a gift to be grateful for, and yet worry is ever present in the eyes of those whom I pass on the streets, people without a glance to spare for the gift of the moment. They are always going somewhere, never appreciative of what they have and where they are. Once they reach their destination… perhaps they are content? Alas, but no. They barely have time to take their shoes off before they tie their shoelaces again and move out the door. So it continues forever and a day. Never really living, but rather just existing. Stress is ever-present, worry so very visible in the creases of my face as I stare into the mirror. Every basic human need is fulfilled, yet we are so empty. Endless possibilities? Perhaps. But at what cost? Was man not created for a simpler life, a life with less distraction, a life without a quadrillion things to worry about. We were supposed to live in the moment. Is it too late?

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