Celebrity Idolization

I’ve always found it strange how people are so very willing to put themselves beneath others, and celebrity idolization as I’ve chosen to call it, is an example of this. There are naturally people out there who are very gifted at something and that are thus recognized by the public, but that which I have a problem with is when these people are seen as another kind of human, a human that is more important than other humans. I can respect the skills of someone, but that does not mean that I put myself underneath them in matters of “general importance”. To look up to someone in matters of a certain skill, well that I am all for, but to put a halo on them and call them transcendent beings, that they should be more important than others? I mean, you don’t even know this person… how can you judge them in domains other than that of the domain in which their skill lay. We all decide the value we put onto ourself. Chose to put yourself underneath, and you are underneath. You are less, you will never become as “cool” as they are, because I mean, you are just a “normal person”. I absolutely detest the term “normal person” by the way. People who are not famous are ordinary people, part of the crowd… to think that so many actually seem to see things this way, it saddens me greatly.

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