It is okay to do nothing

It is so very easy to get stuck in a malfunctioning productivity mindset, one leading you down a dark path toward burning yourself out. Listen, it is okay to do nothing, being productive is fine, but remember for which reason you want to be productive to begin with. Is it to be busy for busy’s sake? Probably not. To be productive and get stuff done is cool, but I would argue that this should not be your goal in and of itself. What this means is that you only should work towards goals that you actually want to accomplish, not simply letting the expectations of others pile onto your back like bricks, ultimately breaking you and leaving you unable to do anything at all. Closely examine each brick and choose to pick up only that which you feel yourself truly striving for. If you at any time feel that you are striding ahead in a way that is overbearing to you, if even for the moment, take a well needed rest and do not berate yourself for doing so. Should you fall down in the abyss of procrastination, that is to say, not keeping up with the goals you’ve set, then this is a sign that you need to reassess. Human pride is a fickle thing, but suck it up and accept that you may have been giving yourself too much of a task to complete. It’s okay to do nothing, everyone needs a reset at times, even you, even me.

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