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Scattered In the Wind

Standing naked on a rough, rocky precipice, a broken man offers promises to the wind. This time, he says, things will be different. Life will begin anew. Yes, from this point onwards, I shall be the man I always wanted to be. I shall not care for…

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The Hidden Dangers of TikTok

The scariest of things are those we do not see coming, which is as true for monsters in horror movies as it is for addiction. While monsters hide under the bed, TikTok disguises itself as a harmless medium for relaxation and enjoyment — Are you bored? Tired…

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Quote Of The Week

Poor me, because this has happened to me. No, say rather, lucky me, because though this happened to me I’m still happy, neither broken by the present circumstance nor afraid for the future.


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Hello there! I’m Benjamin, the author of this blog.
I strive to become the best version of myself – to that end I practice the art of reflection and creative conception.

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