To Have A Goal

It seems to me that having a goal is really quite important. To give meaning to the passing of time, to not merely be living, but to be living for something. Naturally not all goals are the same, some are superficial and fake; that which you believe is your goal but it really is not. To be more precise on what I mean by this, do consider that humans are social creatures, and as such we seek conformity and to be accepted by other humans. Goals may be sought because they seem proper or good according to other people; external influences, whereas when I am talking about a goal it is more about finding out what truly matters. What truly matters is that which in and of itself is important to you. When setting a goal for yourself, consider why you want to achieve it, and continue to question this why until you reach an understanding of what truly are the motivating factors. To have a goal is in some way actually my goal. To find a meaning to the passing of time that just feels right. Imagine not wanting to go to sleep and jumping out of bed because you are so very passionate about something, this something is my goal.

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