Best Of Worlds

Our world has evolved they say, and indeed such does seem to be the case if we use technology as the metric of measurement. We live longer thanks to advances in medicine and readily available healthy nutrition. We can speak with someone on the other side of our planet and easily travel to where they are by plane. We have an endless array of highly entertaining videos and games. It seems that we have it all… perhaps we live in the best of worlds? Well as I said in the beginning, this may be the case if we exclusively focus on the technological aspect, but hey what about the human aspect, what about us being animals? No matter if you think that we somehow should be considered “above” other animals because we are so smart and so on, because we are not robots (yet). That which animals do best is to adapt, and what this means for us is that we adapt to our current quota. That which humans also do, we strive to attain that which others have; we are never content. All this means is that as the world becomes increasingly more complex we need to deal with more complexity; stress and demands. I can almost promise you that should you live in a small village, without electricity, tending crops and herding sheep, that you would be many times more happy and at peace than now. “Why don’t you just move out to a rural village or a farm”, well this you see is key, because when we are used to convenience, then this is what we expect and thus we cannot give it up for any longer amount of time. Why would you travel miles by foot when you know that you’ll arrive faster in a car? We are in a way brainwashed by society, and I can think of no cure but to try and lessen the strain.

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