Can You Just Throw Money On It?

Well the simple answer is no, but sure, in some cases yes, let me elaborate. What are the things that money can buy? Let’s see, goods and services. If you are someone who is having problems due to external causes, such as living in a very cramped apartment, well then it is an external problem, and thus you can throw money on it. Now let’s say instead that you are (as usually is the case), struggling due to internal factors; hating yourself, not feeling appreciated and loved… well, in this case you may think that you can throw money on it, and well yeah, you could. Go ahead and buy a new boat or whatever, and perhaps it will make you happy for a moment, but when the moment passes you’ll return to the dread of realizing that internal problems must be solved by actually attacking the root of the problem, which is internal. So to conclude. You can throw money on it if the problem is of an external nature, but if it be rooted in internal causes, well in that case you should stop looking for money as a problem solver, because what you need is not to be rich, you need to reflect and try and get to the bottom of whatever is troubling you.

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