The Living Forest

The wind carries with it the sound of malicious laughter, and eyes seem to watch me as I journey throughout the cold and eerie woods. For many hours I have walked… and yet it seem although it have yielded no results. So very strange I think to myself, someone like me, a great navigator, actually got lost so close to the entrance of the woods? It’s like an ever changing labyrint, as if the very shape of the forest changes as I walk, of course that would make no sense, but then why and how do I not recognize anything about this forest. I have even tried to carve in marks in trees, and then after a while turning back to check on them, but no, they are not there anymore. The more I think about it the more I start to consider the possibility that I may be crazy, that both my internal and handheld compass are broken. After a while, as the darkness spreads its veil over the skies, I lay down on the grass to take a small rest. “ho ho” says an owl in the distance, probably it has nothing to do with me, but somehow I get the impression that it is laughing at my hapless state.

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