A Place Far Away

The contents of the sack scrambles and jumps around at my back as I walk down the damp cobblestone road. It was raining tremendously last night, never have I heard nor seen its likeness before. It seemed to me like a sign, and that is why I chose today to begin my journey. The sun is rising over the horizon, showering the landscape with an array of dazzling colors, and causing a surge of determination within myself. The best time for adventure is now! All you boring skeptics out there may ask, but where in the world are you off to? Nobody in their right state of mind just sets out on an adventure without a destination? To them I say, If I had a plan and a precise destination, then would that not be merely another walk-to, another task? The whole meaning of an adventure is that it is adventurous! But I suppose that if you have to know – it’s a place far away.

After walking for a while I come across a field of flowers in full bloom, and to my tired sweltering body it appears so awfully inviting that I immediately throw my sack aside, my shirt along with it, and lay down among the dripping wet and fresh flowers. The sun is now well and up, and its rays of light caress my bare chest. I take a deep breath, inhaling the wonderful fragrances of the flowers surrounding me. They all talk about a paradise after death, but here I am, in paradise and alive to boot? For what is paradise but an illusory concept? We make a paradise, don’t we? I lose myself in the bliss of the moment, allowing the gentle whispers of the sun and the tickling, wonderful feeling of flowers on my skin to seduce me into entering the realm of sleep.

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