Shelter (Draft)

Upon the summit of a great hill rests a tree of many years, an ancient creature of bark and sap who dutifully watches the lives of human pass beneath its benevolent gaze. Shielded from the world by the roots of this tree lay a human boy of few years. The shine of life given off by this boy is one of promises of great things ahead, but for now his time has stopped. This boy came to seek refuge from a sadness that run so very deep, and it was upon seeing that the darkness has taken a firm hold on this poor boy’s heart that the tree made a decision. On a long journey into himself has the young hero embarked… a journey to the very depths of his heart to cut away the very thorns of regret and malice that hold him prisoner.

Notes: Perhaps a story to be continued? Something along the lines of him traversing along the memories that cause him pain, cutting away one thorn at a time to wake up at last.

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