Under The Moon

I sit on a rock outside my hut, gazing up at the moonless vault of heaven. Waiting for oh so very long, but to no avail, fore she comes not. Tears starting to form in my eyes as the realization dawns, hitting me hard and causing me to slip down from the wet rock and onto the wet grass. Lying there, I turn my gaze once more to the sky. Oh so incomplete it seems, and so very dark. Where are you my blessed one… how come you treat me like a pest to be avoided. I wish not pester you, merely to bathe in your lustrous embrace. With my arms I attempt to reach into the heaven, but alas I am but a small and insignificant human, unable to visit her realm, whereas she is capable of visiting whenever she wants to. Unfair it is, but then again, perhaps that is why she piques me so.

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