Sunny Afternoon

I sit rested on a blanket spread wide on the damp grass, slowly lifting my right arm to wipe the sweat of my brow. I chuckle a bit as I heed notice to the sun above. The ball of fire looks down on me, smiling, a bit like the one in the children’s cartoon “Teletubbies”. Yes indeed, I must have been in the sun waaaay too long. But hey, the very fact that I am able to have such silly thoughts is a blessing. Maybe it is because I am surrounded by flowers, maybe because the bird-song, or perhaps simply put, because it is finally quiet. No more stressful thoughts pestering my already drained mind.

Now, what am I doing here all alone in the middle of the forest? Yeah, it may seem a bit strange, but hear me out. I am someone who works a little bit too hard, someone who lives a little bit too strict, someone who has a little too many hard thoughts. And I feel that by being alone, by letting my thoughts wander and by sensing the passing of life all around me. This way I can take a break, at least momentarily, and to be given respite before having to return to a life of musts, and a life of worry.

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