Another World

I lay on the ground, staring up at the green sky above, a horned butterfly sitting perched on my nose, twitching and playing around. I smile in a daze “Haha, how cute…”.

As I now become fully conscious, I realize that something is wrong, very wrong. I sho the butterfly away with a hasty motion of my hand, quickly rolling away from the strange creature. In this motion I manage to hit a tree and gasps. However, when I rotate my head to look at the tree, it is a giant turtle-like creature that is looking down at me with red grim eyes. The tree was no tree, but one of four legs belonging to this giant creature. At what’s worse, it looks like it got a bit annoyed by this “ant” daring to cross its way. Immediately I jump up, distancing myself from this horrifying creature. I look around me now, seeing a world that is unfamiliar to me, another world in its entirety.

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