I have been working as a high-paid manager at an accounting firm for about a year now, but while it is to my satisfaction that money no longer appears to be a problem, my state of mind is in its worst shape ever. Truth to be told I am not satisfied with this job, it does not make me happy… but I have tried telling myself that money does.

I walk out of my door, trailing along the habitual path to my building. Back slumped and face sagging, resignation. I turn the corner of an old industrial building and halt my steps as I take notice of a middle-aged man in the process of brushing dirt off the sidewalks. It is not the act itself that caught my attention, a man sweeping dust off the sidewalk is in itself not an unusual action, one could even say it to be a shameful and low-status task, but his demeanor however is most certainly peculiar. His back is straight and a warm and prideful grin covers his face. I cannot help but envy him.

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