The Jar of Life | Destroy & Reinvent

If you seek to reinvent yourself, you must first uncover the truth — the truth of the taint which plagues your weary mind. It is hard, I know. We, humans, are prone to rationalize our decisions; of collecting the pieces from past events and gluing them together into a coherent narrative, into an unnaturally pristine jar of life.

In the passing of life, we hold our jars high over our heads, brandishing them for all to see. Attend! I am fine. My life is all good and well — see how neat is my jar of life.

However, no matter how well you’ve managed to glue the pieces together, the cracks will show sooner than later. To that end, many of us insist on polishing our jars at every opportunity, ensuring nobody suspects things are less than perfect. After all, It is considered unpolite and queer to allow the cracks to show. Yet, all the while, our inner world is in turmoil.

If you want to change, you cannot lie to yourself. Instead, you need to smash the jar into pieces neath your feet and scrutinize each component of your soul. For it is there you will find the truth of who you are; it is there you will find a beginning.

From the ashes of a broken jar, a phoenix will rise. She will stand before you, wings of flame and beak of steel. The phoenix shall pierce your soul with her gaze, asking a question that resonates with the very essence of your being.

“I ask thy, mortal. Why do you live; what is it that brings such joy into your life… that you keep standing despite the strain of all the pain weighing you down?”

The answer to this question, should it be a proper answer, coming from deliberate and unhurried critical introspection, may serve as a guiding compass. Guiding us through the thick fog through which we walk.

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