Laying the Foundation for a Statement of Action | Change IS Possible

If I want to change, it Will be a slow process. I cannot expect the chains to fall off in one go, for I have forged them, shaped them, during a lifetime. However, I shall not accept that I am doomed to be fettered indefinitely. I shall not recognize there’s no light on the other side. I believe in my — In our ability as humankind to create a light source of our own making.

Automaticity, pleasure-seeking, and comfort. These aspects are part of who I am. They are part of what Is holding me back, and it hurts. But something has to be done. I cannot let primal instincts dominate my rationale. At the same time, I reckon it does not have to be wrong, for we create our own meaning in life. “Enough” is not a predetermined threshold but an illusion. Such as, we decide ourselves when it hath been reached.

Still, I cannot help but feel that I should aspire for higher mountaintops. The world challenges thy: you have been brought as a guest at this banquet of life, what will you do? Will you allow the water of life to slip through your fingers, or will you aspire to something greater?

We exist between two eternities, futurity and posterity. We exist in the present moment, but for a relatively short time. I may be 20, 40, or 80 years old, it doesn’t matter. What matters is now, and our sphere of influence only extends as so far does the present moment. Thus, learn from the past, but realize that it has passed. Look toward the future, but realize that it is a great unknown. Live in the present, truly live. Allow your senses to flourish act in accordance with an ideal version of yourself. Never push it onwards the future, for the future does not exist, but as an imaginary image summoned in the present.

Are you unhappy? Does it feel as though you are unfulfilled? As though the days that passed were without meaning? The time is now. Act in accordance with what matters. Through deep introspection, lay a foundation for a statement of action. Seek the specks of light that keep you moving, find your purpose. Find the answer to the “world’s challenge”, find a meaning for your brief visit. It is never too late for change, but the time for change is now.

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