Life Is Fleeting: That’s What Makes It Beautiful #2

I have been pondering lately how every moment is fleeting by nature, how life itself is finite. Yet, I do not mean this in a pessimistic manner, for I think this very “fleetingness” makes life worth living. I mean, consider the most beautiful of moments, and now let it pass for an eternity. However strong it shone, it will soon lose that luster and become nothing. 

Infinity is eternal nothingness. 

And knowing that time comes flying past, this means we will have to reach out and hold onto it harder and yet more delicately. 

Appreciating it all the more. Allowing the joy of existing in this very moment infuse our very beings. 

Yet, whilst this is reasonable to many. We are still so very afraid of death, but why? Because there is “nothing” perhaps. But, then should we not, when we go to sleep at night, lay there shaking and crying. 

What makes us so damn sure that there is another day awaiting us?

Besides, consider this. If time is infinite, what difference does it make whether we live three days or three ages? Now is always now. We may be 20, 40, or 80 years old, and yet this does not change. We only have now, and the lasting of each and every moment is instant. Thus what does it matter how long we live. 

Then again, I am also struggling to overcome the fear of death that is so deeply ingrained in every living creature. 

We want to exist. We want to be assured that we will exist. 

And when these feelings wash over me, that’s when I remind myself that — life is fleeting, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

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