Getting Things Done #1

The flame of intent burns bright within, but this does not matter much by itself. For intent need be followed by action. How then do I gather whisps of fire without getting burnt and, like many times before, passing a great amount of time in recess? Discipline seems key, for then I may be capable of holding fire, warm where it licks my skin, and still hold onto it with a firm hand. Yes, that’s it. But how then do we foster sufficient discipline, well through a strong sense of purpose. 

A man can endure any how if only he has a why. 

But, finding a “why” is not easily done. Many lifetimes may pass before we reach it… one might even say that life is but an endless search for meaning. We do things that bring joy. Because if it brings great happiness, should it perhaps be connected to our purpose? Yeah, sure. But that which brings joy through novelty does not last for long. As humans, we are great at adapting to our surroundings, and thus I believe it is important to get grounded in a purpose-driven way of life — a lens through which all we do is interconnected through our “why.” 

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