Thoughts On Religion (by an atheist)

To believe in something greater than oneself, I think that this is a great thing! To not see people as merely different entities but also as belonging to the same unity. While I value individuality, I think that we humans do not thrive when living for ourself and by ourself, but rather when we see ourself as both an individual and also as part of something greater. I this sense I do see the allure of religion.

Why might someone be religious? Perhaps as a way to cope with death and/or to find meaning in life, and again I think that this is reasonable. However, I cannot help but feel that religious beliefs is “the easy way out”

See the lightning crashing down? What may it be?

A god of course! Phew, relief washes over the onlookers — the unknown is known.

It is difficult to deal with the unknown, and therefore it is only natural that people over the ages have tried to come up with explanations to “fill the gaps”. However, another way of doing things is to suspend judgement. Look up in the sky, see the vastness of space and accept that there are still things we do not understand, and perhaps we never will, but this is fine.

Yes I am an atheist, but this does not mean that I have no ways of dealing with existential questions.

Something greater than myself? That’d be nature; we all are part of nature.

Death? We all return to soil one day, feeding the plants, thus the cycle of life moves on.

Meaning? I do not see any objective meaning beyond that which is ordained by nature; that is to propagate our species. As for the subjective meaning, well, that is subjective. We create and decide for ourself what is important to us. Perhaps it is to live in accordance with nature? Perhaps to become a better person each day?

Why am I an atheist rather than an agnostic? Am I saying that there is 0 chance that a “god” exists? Well, no. What I am saying is merely that it seems more likely that such a thing, as it is referred to in the traditional sense, does not exist. I like to see it as a scale, and depending on the beliefs I currently hold I evaluate propositions. I believe in the laws of nature ordained by science… and through that lens I see it more likely that supernatural things; religious beliefs, are not reasonable. To be agnostic means (to me) that someone is 50/50. Religion might exist but may as well not exist. If you tip over to either side of the scale, well then I see it as being either religious or as being atheist.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Religion (by an atheist)

    1. Thanks! It comes from my view of things as probabilities rather than truths. I see it as what is most likely based on previous belief structure; for example “I choose believe in the scientific approach and the empirical evidence created henceforth”. Of course I cannot say that I know the truth of the matter, but what I can do is try and think in terms of what seems more likely based on what I choose to believe in -> for example that it is more likely that there is no “god” than it being so.


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