Book Review, The Red Queens War

What a ride it has been! I know myself to be quite the book-plower, but hey, how the heck did I manage to read all the books in this series over the span of 10 days?!

As you probably would have guessed by now, I enjoyed this trilogy A LOT. After reading book after book with likable main characters, I somehow find myself invested in the story of Jalan, a pampered kid who is a lying cheating scumbag (he wouldn’t mind, says so himself numerous times). And boy is it refreshing!

Not to say that he’s got no redeeming qualities, because he sure does, and at times he is very relatable. I confess that even when he’s being a coward and a bastard I find myself able to understand where he is coming from. He is a real person. If a monster comes at you swinging, will you stand brave in its way or will you run away? He was born a prince, given everything he ever wanted, so well, perhaps it makes sense that he became the way he is. Not saying that it makes his ill-deeds okay, but rather that everyone has layers to them and stories to tell, nothing is truly black and white.

Then again, I totally get it that some people may have a hard time relating to and wanting to follow in the footsteps of a character that is not your typical good guy, and if this is you, well perhaps this series of books is not for you. Otherwise… if you’d like a breath of fresh air, and perhaps you enjoy reading about scumbags from time to time, in that case, go and read The Red Queens War!

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