Don’t Fight It

That which I have begun to understand is the futility of fighting against our basic human instincts. I mean not that you nor I should let them rule us, but rather that we seek to carve a path on where both reason and instinct can walk in peace. Accept that there are certain needs, certain wants and instincts that are engraved into us for the very reason that we are animals; humans are animals though we seem to forget so at times. First step is to accept the nature of our basic human instincts and needs, not to deny or hate. For then one can take action to limit it as one does an unruly child. If you deny the very existence of this child, who knows what manner of chaos will follow in his wake? Accept rather that he be there and seek to gently lead him onto the right path, let him act within the bounds you make. Limit his control over your life.

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