Quest Towards Meaning

How far can I possibly go and what can I achieve with the time allotted to me. The meaning of life is a question that has been contemplated upon for as long as the human race has existed (perhaps longer), and the answer for which cannot in and of itself be absolute. Many perspectives can be had on this very essential quest for meaning, and one of these are that we live to evolve. If such be the meaning, well one could say that humanity sure does accomplish it with splendor. From stone to iron to self-driving cars to conquistadors of the universe. How far can/will humanity go? Are we perhaps but an experiment of nature, programmed with insatiable lust for reaching the absolute knowledge. Is universe truly infinite? For if such is the case then this means that the unknown is infinite… are then we as humanity doomed (or perhaps blessed) to reach for that which is not in our reach.

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