A disfigured child sits in the sand, playing alone. Other children keep their distance, for they have heard the eerie rumors surrounding the nature of his unfortunate state. Unaware of all this, the child enjoys his stay in the sandbox, thinking the other kids nice for letting him have it all for himself. He uses his only arm to dig a hole in the sand, aiming to create a gate to the other side of the world, bemused as he considers the surprise that will most definitely be conspicuous on the face of the people on the other side of the far-reaching tunnel as he appears from the ground in the likeness of a mole. Suddenly he is pushed forward, falling with force onto the grainy sand. Looking behind him he sees a group of children smiling at him. He waves at them with a goofy smile at his face to signal that all is fine, supposing that they somehow pushed him by mistake. “Freak” says a child with a baseball cap, pointing at the unfortunate child. Other children take on the chant as well. “Freak” “freak” “freak”. A single tears trails down his cheek before he retreats inside himself.

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