Lucid Adventure

Drowsiness threatens to force me into entering the realm of dreams once again, but I will not give up without a fight. I stand up from the couch, my every step becoming heavier as I move toward the sink to splash some more water on my face. The demon called fatigue pesters me from all sides. Tugging at my eyelids as if trying to force them shut and whispering sweet words of promise to my ears. I have almost given in to it quite a few times during these long days, but my fear of what may happen when I let myself slip through the veil into other realm has kept me awake until now. What is worse? Risk hurting someone I care about by failing the challenge or sacrificing sleep? Well for me at least the answer is evident… I still remember my last lucid dream. A new world was created (as usual) as I entered the realm of dreams, and I saw my father balancing of the edge of a building, and because I acted too late he fell to the ground. When I woke up I got a call from the hospital. My father had mysteriously managed to break a leg in his sleep. I never want something like that happening again to anyone that I care about. Tears run down my cheek as they flicker, opening, closing, opening, closing… and when I open them there is a new world spreading out before my eyes, my next lucid adventure.

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