The “Mean” Old Man

“Scram kid, you have no business dilly dallying around in my backyard! “

The agitated old man reloads his shotgun as he walks toward the frightened child. 

“I am so sorry Mr Jones, I will be off immediately”

“Hmph be off then, and if I catch you here on my backyard again…”

The man points his gun to the sky and lets out a blast of gunpowder to strengthen the validity of his threat. Seemingly it worked as the young lad stands there petrified for a short while, before turning his tail to jump over the fence and bolt around the corner. 

The old man keeps up the facade of “an angry old man” until the lad pass the corner and afterward he laughs it off and throws his air gun in the grass. He sits down on his chair, quite content with the grandeur of his deception. This kid has been stealing crops from his garden, which has begun to burden his family, therefore this ol’man decided to take things into his own hands, to scare the kid a bit. He would never actually have shot the lad.

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