The Everyman’s Squire

Somewhere along the passing of time in a small town’s ramshackle tavern, that is where a particularly bright young man can be found, bound by the invisible shackles of a promise.


lay composed on a balm of hay, flipping through the pages of

“Come here boy and help me untangle the rope”, says a rakish man with unruly hair. The young squire, also known as “boy” “youth” or “lad” looks up from his book and scurries over to the knight. “See here lad, these knots are driving me bonkers”. The squire takes hold of the rope and unravels the knots with great aplomb. “Sir, the rope is been untangled, do you require further need of my assistance? “Very well boy, you go back to reading that worthless book of yours”. The squire simply nods his head and returns to the balm of hay to continue his studies. 

The young squire takes great care to serve to the extent of his abilities, no matter the feelings he may harbor for the men and women he is required to serve. The very man that the young squire helped untangle his knots is in truth much to the squire’s disliking, for he treats the squire with disrespect, making him do pointless tasks, and yet he obey without showing sign of his animosity toward the excuse of a man ordering him around. The reason being that this is all according to his masters will. The words are still fresh in the squire’s mind “You ought to serve before you command. From this day on, until I return for you, I command you to serve all men that pass through that door”. It has been four years since.

The bell sounds as a new man comes in through the door. This man is even worse than the usual horse dung that come to this tavern in a small and insignificant town. This man actually does smell like dung, and to make it worse he looks like it as well. The squire wish for this man to simply want a meal or a bed, that this man has no business with him. But from the direction of his stride, he knows that the man is here for his services as a squire.

“Hey there lad”, says the unsightly man. His eyes burrowing deep into the squire’s lanky figure. “I’ve heard that you are one helpful fellow, do you mind helping me with a little something?” says he with a posed look on his face. The squire responds with an equally posed look on his face. “It depends, what is this “help” you speak of sir”. A grin slips in through the mask of indifference worn by the man. Come here boy and I’ll let you in. The young squire sighs and rolls of the ball of hay. The unsavory man leans in close to the squire’s ear and whisper “I need you to kill someone for me”.

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