Gratitude is the quality which I deem the most important for living a happy life. And as such it truly makes me melancholic, seeing that today’s society completely disregard this.
I have yet to forget my acts of ungratefulness as a child. Bickering with my parents over not being given the best and most luxurious for Christmas, and over the food never being good enough. To be someone who never expresses gratitude, that is to say, being someone who takes it all for granted. It makes close friends and family unhappy, because they are never enough, and it makes oneself unhappy, because it is never enough. For me, this is something I struggle with, a mountain that I have yet to overcome. My family is not required to take care of my every need, they do not need to care, in fact it is impossible to “force someone” to love you. Love has to be earned.

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