Realm Of The Fae #1

“You should have told me that I am not human, that I am not your real son, that I am not even of the same species” anger swells up inside the young fae now that he realizes that he has been lied to his entire life. The boy sprints headfirst off the road and into the forest, ignoring the desperate pleas of his so-called parents. Trailing his way through the dense forest whilst tears obtrudes his view, ends up not being a simple task. And yet, he keeps going, stumbling over roots and scratched by sharp thorns and branches, all the while the screams in the distance wanes, eventually subsiding completely. In what seems the first time since his heart-breaking, he inhales deeply, his senses returning to normal as the amount of adrenaline lessens. The boy scrutinizes his surroundings, noticing for the first time where he had ended up. The adrenaline returns as a new world spread out right there before his eyes. A majestic bewinged creature appears in front of him, bowing low and addressing him in a familiar tone. “Welcome back my prince”.

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