In this world, time is but an illusion, and not only in a metaphorical sense. It may seem to you, living in this world, that you have a lifetime in front of you, but in reality you only have ten minutes.

The world is dying. Years of mutilation and exhaustion of its resources have caused irreversible cracks to form at its foundation. This should, by the law of creation that all living things obey, lead to the obliteration of life as we know it. But, something went astray. The law has been compromised. In a fit of desperation, the planet did something unheard of, giving off a death rattle that led to the fabrication of a fake eternity.

A thick mist was erected from the very core of the planet, spreading wide throughout the land and freezing creatures on the spot, dooming them to an eternity of memories. The planet is asleep, set to a state of equilibrium. However, never has there been a system without fault. You may have heard of the phenomenon “Deja-vu”. Well, It is nothing but a breach of the system, hinting at the truth. The truth is that our lives are naught but memories of events long past. Naturally, it may not be such a bad thing, to be caught in an eternal dream. Reliving our memories, and each time feeling like it is a new and exquisite experience. For some this may appear to be true bliss, to others… a nightmarish scenario. Whatever is your belief, be sure to remember that nothing lasts forever. Eventually we will have to wake up.

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