Game Of Fate

On a bench somewhere on earth sits a puny human doing puny human things, unaware of the gamble taking place literally over his head. Oblivious to the bored gods having themselves a game of fate on his behalf. “What a prick, does not notice us, eh” says Zeus, postering himself before the others with his muscular arms crossed. Hera shakes her head in exasperation. “Well duh, of course not, please just throw the die so that we may get this over with.” The die of fate hits the pristine table with a clink, landing on the symbol of a big light-bulb with a smaller ring inside. Hades clears his throat to get everygod’s attention. “Let us now bet on what comes next.” The other gods around the table murmur among themselves for some time before announcing their bets publically. 

The bets are as follows…

Hera: First off, he will dance around like a little girl. Secondly, he will be walking by the nearest jewelry before visiting his girlfriend and proposing to her. 

Zeus: “I’d say he’ll buy a ring at the nearest jewelry before calling his girlfriend, asking her to join him for a stroll at sunset, and there he will propose.”

Hades: “You both are wrong, surely he will not care about the ring in all his vigor. I bet on the same turn of events as Hera, with the exception of him proposing without it in hand.”

As all gods have placed their bets, they turn to regard the human. 

On a bench somewhere on earth sits a puny human doing puny human things when a realization suddenly hits him. He stands up hastily from the bench to dance in a ring, giggling like a little girl, for he has decided to marry his girlfriend at last. With back straight he sets himself into motion, walking fast and decisively. He stops however in front of jewelry on the way, as he remembers the need for a ring for the proposal. He buys a golden ring before being on his way again to her house. The man is standing outside her door, knocking intently, happiness overflowing within as he readies himself to act out the proposal, a decision that he naively believes himself to have made. 

A rumble echoes in the distance as the man informs her of his intent. ”Someone is grumpy” says Hera, a wry smile on her face. Zeus waves his hand in a dismissive manner ”Bah, I will win the next one for sure. Hmm, what about that human over there?”

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