The grin which is spreading out on the man’s face tells me that they have an especially gruesome experiment planned out for me today. Yet, I simply stand up and walk towards the entrance of the cage, waiting for him to open up. He gives me his arm to lean upon, as I am barely fit to walk on my own after what has been done to my body. Together we walk calmly down the experimental section of the building, which may seem outlandish to many, considering that all the other kids are pretty much being dragged by other men in white. Wailing and thrashing around in a frenzy, because they do not accept reality. I shake my head as I ponder that I was like that once, pathetic and weak. The man in white shoves me inside a white room, causing me to fall onto the padded floor. I lay there and stare up the ceiling for a while, waiting for the man to act out the experiment for today. He grabs hold of my arm and I can feel the stick of a needle penetrate my skin, but that is the extent of my sensations regarding this experience. The man in white seems to be visibly disappointed due to my lack of response. However, as the time pass, my vision gets all the more fuzzier. The man’s face shifts color from green to red, and his face gets all the while more distorted. The last thing I see before passing out being a grin that seem almost inhuman.

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