Wolf In Need

The wind howls and trees waver in response as the boy embarks on his journey through the forest. Cold creeps up his skin as he moves onward in the dead of night, clutching the young pup tight in arms with nothing but the stars to guide him to his destination.

Naught but 11 winters has this boy and one may say with great sense that this venture is a tremendous danger to his safety. And yet, he is going through with this, determined and tenacious. For such a venture, albeit dangerous, is necessary if the young pup is to survive this ordeal.

The goal to which end the boy is struggling is the quaint hut of the old witch woman who is rumored to live beyond the forest. She is known to possess strange abilities, and among these it has been said that she has healing powers. Hours pass as the boy walk in the dark and thick forest, barely fit to take another step. Just when he can feel the pulse of the young pup weaken almost to the point of death, that’s when the clearing comes into view.

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