Coaches Are Comfy

Sometimes people call me lazy, and to be honest, it hurts. As you see, I do not think myself lazy at all, I’d rather say Intelligent, or perhaps innovative.

Like for example: I lay down snuggling my pillow in my favorite couch and want some Ice-cream, what is the next step? Going to the freezer by myself and getting it? No of course not, that’s not very clever is it, I have to leave my cozy arrangements and besides, risk missing precious seconds of my Tv-series. That’d be outright stupid! But at the same time, I am not like some lazy bums out there, just waiting for an ice-cream to come flying, no, not me! Instead I have this magic button next to my Tv-zapper, and this button makes the ice cream come to me by riding upon my robot freezer dog that I have ready for such a situation. So yeah, obviously not lazy. Me, I am a pure genius.

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