Scattered In the Wind

Standing naked on a rough, rocky precipice, a broken man offers promises to the wind. This time, he says, things will be different. Life will begin anew. Yes, from this point onwards, I shall be the man I always wanted to be. I shall not care for the looks of others, but they will regard me with respect. Money will be far down the list; yes, the seductive force of gold will not work on me, for I will be a respectable man.

Still, I will have money, of course. All from honest work as befits an honest man. Excessive spending shall not occur, for all such money will be invested into worthwhile purposes, bringing happiness to this hell-struck world. But first, I have to begin by changing myself. Cakes, gambling, games? No, such crap is not becoming a noble man. And I will stop smoking… I promise.

The man pauses to draw breath, smiling despite his scraped-up feet and the feeling of cold rain crashing on his feeble frame. Another life, another man. Maniacal laughter escapes his mouth and mixes with the raging storm.

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