Call To Adventure

I sit on the edge of my bed, gazing out the open window. It’s still dark outside, but soon the sun will rise from the depths, and with it, my journey will begin. I look around the room, this treasure trove of memories. Should I feel sad about leaving it all behind? Maybe, but I don’t. Because a bright fire burns within, enrobing me in a glow of determination.

The first rays of luminant sunlight stream in through the window, expanding rapidly throughout my room and signaling the dawn of a new day. Then, finally, it’s time to go. Yes, at last, it is time to answer the call to adventure.

I shoot a glance at the clock. It says 4 am. Hastily, I throw the rucksack over my shoulder, huffing from the effort. Maybe I should’ve packed lighter? Well, no time for that now. I place a letter of goodbyes on my pillow, caressing the envelope with affection as I think of my beloved family. How will they deal with my selfish escapade? Anyhow, it’s best this way. I let go of the letter with a sigh, moving out of my room. But, before closing the door, I regard the place one last time, smiling.

I tiptoe the house, alert to all sounds since It would not do if they found out. They are well-willing but close-minded. There are some things you cannot learn while living in a bubble of love and safety. Instead, to grow stronger, I must challenge myself.

Besides, I’ve been aching to go on an adventure. Every day is the same; thus, I stay the same. No wonder. Does anything truly change if you stay with the same people, in the same environment, and with the same habits? I don’t think so. I approach the outer door, reaching for the handle with a sweaty palm. And, creak says the door as I push it open. Damnit.

“Tell me just one thing, where are you going?”. I jump at the sudden whisper. It’s my younger brother, letter in hand and watery eyes. I lean my head to the right, signaling him to join me outside. So he does, closing the door behind him. I inhale deeply, collecting my thoughts before answering, “I’m going on an adventure. I have no destination in mind, but I will go where the road leads me. I will travel throughout the lands until I feel the time is right, and then I will return. Trust me on that; I will return one day. So don’t be sad, Kel.”

And with that, I show him a vibrant smile, doing my very best to show everything’s alright. He wipes away the tears from his face and returns the smile twofold. “Alright, bro, but you’ve promised. No matter how long it takes, make sure that you get back here.” I throw him a salute before turning my heels, but again, I hear my brother’s voice. “Or else I’ll go out there myself and pull you back in.” I continue walking, acknowledging him with a waft of my hand. Excitement builds within — it is time to answer the call to adventure.

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