Harmony of Body & Mind

Mind & Body need to be balanced because an imbalance in either direction causes one part not to fulfill its role.

What If The Body Rules?

If we let ourselves be ruled by the seeking of bodily pleasures, this will ultimately leave us empty and unfulfilled.

Why? We sacrifice our long-term joy for temporary spurts in dopamine. The creature who lives as a slave to his own bodily pleasures — what will he think when he looks back onto what was?

Besides, our threshold for bodily pleasures always widens, for we need more next time to feel the same euphoric short-term gratifying feeling. The first bowl of ice cream tastes heavenly, but what if you eat one bowl every day? Well, then it is not enough, and you will go looking for sweeter stuff. On it goes. You are a slave to your body, and you ignore the quiet whisper of your repressed mind.

As you look back onto what was, you will see a beast, a sad and empty beast.

What If The Mind Rules?

If our mind rules and leaves no room for the body, this would also leave us empty and unfulfilled.

Why? Because we would try to always be safe, never to leave our comfort zone. We would feel less for things and people because our hearts are closed. Thus we do things because they make sense on the level of the mind, not because we truly find meaning and satisfaction in doing it. We would be more like machines than people. Living our lives as per routine.

Follow Your Heart?

Sure, but what then? Should we… “Follow our hearts”?

Hmm, what does that even mean? Perhaps something along these lines:

Dare to act in a way that feels right, despite it not being perfect as per logic. It is nice to enjoy bodily sensations/pleasures. However, make sure that the mind serves as the executive, not through authoritative means, but more like gently guiding us in the right direction.

Watch the feelings and sensations and accept them for what they are, do not call them stupid. Never minimize your feelings!

Okay, but How Does This Harmony Thing Work in Practice?

Let’s say you eat some amazing food, enjoy! BUT, let me remind you (as the brain’s voice) that eating fast, and a lot of it may compromise the experience. It is more enjoyable to eat slowly and not too much because too much runs the risk of being harmful. It will surely be a less enjoyable experience if you eat till you puke. Also, use the mind to consider carefully before indulging in pleasures; is this worth it? Does this align with the higher ideals that I have made for myself?

Again, the mind should serve as the break whilst the body is the gas. To continue with this analogy, it may be prudent to stop every now and then and consider where you are going.

Look at the long-term perspective. And if both the direction in which we are going and the present action and present moment that will lead us there are nice and respectable, then both mind and body are satisfied.

Then we are happy? Truth to be told, I don’t know. Happiness is a complicated subject and highly personal. However, I do think it is important to consider this balance of mind and body because that is one thing that is in our control that I believe can move us closer to the ideal of happiness.

Thanks For Reading!

This is part of my morning reflection. I write down what comes to mind, and today this was it. And it is certainly written in “raw” form. But I like it that way; it feels quite genuine and representative of my thoughts.

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