Where Art Thou My Moon?

I gaze up at the moonless vault of heaven, tears falling gently down my red cheeks. But, oh, how incomplete it appears, and so very dark.

Where are you, my precious one? How come you treat me like a pest to be avoided — don’t you see? I wish not to pester you, but merely to bathe in your lustrous embrace.

How can you be so cruel, my love! I won’t touch, for I can’t touch. All I want, yes, all I ever wanted, was to sit here by the lake and watch.

And now you’re gone…

I reach into the sky, wanting to reach all the way into heaven. But alas, I cannot, for she is the majestic moon, and I am but a puny human.

Love is not fair; I thought I knew that. She is free to come when she wants to, whereas I am bound to abide by her wishes.

And now she doesn’t wish to see me.

Was I a fool for thinking it could work? A fool for thinking words could reach? Yes, perhaps. But we cannot choose who we fall in love with.

And I will love her forevermore.

Where art thou my moon?

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