Cloudy Skies

Clouds swarm the sky and, in doing so deny the sun its domain — hindering the life-giving rays of light from reaching its creation.

I stand on the ground beneath, watching attentively as shadows creep up the sidewalk, draining away the light in its wake. 

My hands are outstretched, reaching for the skies, wanting only to offer my aid. But… it is with great resignation that I accept my own helplessness.

Alas, I am running, not willing to let go of the light, scared of being engulfed by the unnerving darkness.

But, it seems a pointless task, for I am nothing but a puny ant in the face of these massive beasts of condescending water. 

This truth is made even more apparent to me as the damned beasts continue to move across the sky in speed. In the likeliness of a lion on the steps having laid eyes on its prey.

My humanity is ever so plain. I can only run, watching people and objects built by human hands be consumed by the darkness.

What’s worse is that they seem not to care. 

A little girl regards me with big eyes from across the street “what are you running from, mister.” I pant heavily and get a few words out before being out of earshot. “Run girl, run. The darkness is coming.” To no avail, however, because soon after, the poor girl is overrun. 

Allowing myself to be distracted was my own undoing. Tired feet hit the ground wrong, and suddenly I am falling to the ground.

In a state of absolute panic, I turn my head around. The clouds have almost caught up, and I manage but a scream before being consumed by the shadow.

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