The “Ideal” Person

The thing with an ideal is that it is something to strive for; not to expect to become. However much I try to, I realize that I will never become my ideal; it is rather about striving to come as close as possible to that shining image. My ideal is not the same as yours, but I’d say that it is a good thing to try and describe the ideal-person to yourself, all so that you may find a path towards that goal, so that each and every day you come closer to become this ideal; to become formidable according to your values. The key here is “according to your values”. When describing the ideal person it is wise to think of it in terms of values that are important and respectable to you, values as such that you would be proud to follow through with and have respect towards other people who hold them and show it through actions. How would then the ideal version of me act? What are respectable values to hold according to me? My ideal version of me would be someone who is patient, confident, and mindful. Naturally the image I have of this ideal is ever-changing and there are many more values to ascribe… but for now I’ll be focusing on these three.

Patience What does it mean to me to be patient; for words carry different meanings for different individuals. To me it is about being patient with oneself; to let things take their time. I like to see it as caring for a seed. In practice, if you for instant feel that you are bad at playing guitar… well instead of being angry at yourself and giving up – thinking it futile, instead practice a little bit each day and you will become better, the seed will grow. But it is also about being patient with others; to accept that everyone and everything may make mistakes, that it is part of nature. The bus is late? A friend does something really stupid? Well, are we going to be angry at the bus-driver or our friend? Yeah, we could, but what good does it do? Instead one can practice patience; to accept that nature only is and that we are limited in our understanding. What do we know of the reasons for which the bus-driver was late? what if it were something out of his control, and even if it were not, well everyone makes mistakes. Let’s instead try and aid others in their journeys, let them know that it is fine to make mistakes and that we know that they will do better next time.

Confident What does it mean to me to be confident? Well, one part of it is naturally to stand tall, to speak up in accordance to what one believes in; not afraid to face rebuke. But it is also about being confident and brave enough to accept and admit to yourself and others that one is not all knowing, to not cling onto beliefs merely because one is afraid of being in the wrong.

Mindful When I think of being mindful, or well, at least the version to which I strive to reach, then this is firstly about being open to new perspectives. To one think oneself as someone who knows, but rather as someone who is searching. Naturally we have a way in which we perceive things, but we may differ in regards to the degree to which we are willing to accept new ways of seeing things into our lives. For it is difficult to accept more than one truth, but I believe that much of which people say has at the very least a speck of truth; that is to say, I want to collect these specks of truth in order to construe a more complete picture of the world and phenomena within. Secondly, to be grateful; appreciating the present moment, savoring it whilst one still can, for we exist in this very moment in the realm of space and time only once. One of my core beliefs is that we have but borrowed life from nature, and that the energy which of body consists of will one day have to be returned to nature as soil, continuing the cycle of life. Therefore I’d very much like to savor life through this wonderful gift I have been given… rather than take things for granted… always wanting more, as seem to be a great curse of humankind. Naturally it may be seen as a great blessing as well, for if we never wanted more we would never have achieved world domination and be on the way to conquer the universe, and I for one would perhaps not be striving to better myself? Well that is something to consider at least, and I for one am looking to achieve a balance of the two.

What’s your ideal person?

One thought on “The “Ideal” Person

  1. In Genesis 17, God said to Abram, “I am God Almighty; walk before me and be blameless.” To me, that’s God’s ideal person; it’s living every moment open to his eyes. Adhering to a person rather than principles.


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