The Last Step

Holy hell, I cannot believe what I am seeing. Spreading out before me is a scene that should not be real, a display of carnage of such foulness, of such absurdity that not even in the worst of nightmares I could have imagined it be true. One step forwards and I notice blood on my feet. A leg is hanging awkwardly in the tree to my right, blood dripping in a steady rhythm from what only recently were attached to a human body, a rhythm of death. Another step onwards. Fear is ever present in myself, and yet I somehow am intrigued… that which makes no sense, as any sane man or woman would have ran the other way long ago. Parts of blood and flesh lay scattered, but with the bulk of it surrounding the entrance to the cave. I inhale deeply before moving further among the dead, careful indeed not to trip on flesh nor blod, and determined to make sense of my world again. There lay a torso… or at least I think that’s what it is, in front of me, blocking my path. And now that I study it closer it I gain insight into the way in which the butchery took place. Something or someone has eagerly ripped off the head of this poor man, not in a neat way mind you. Alas, that which is for certain, what/whom is responsible for what I see here, is not of this world. Another step. *squish* I jump up and almost trip over myself as I felt something unpleasant underneath my right foot. With a gulp in my throat I lift it to see that I had stepped on a loose hand marinated in blood. I slowly lift my foot and make the remaining of the way into the cave, the nauseous feeling threatening to cause me to throw up. Strangely enough it appears that the cave is lit by torches in small slits in the wall… I wonder if someone got here before me? It cannot be the creature now can it, how would such a beast be able to make torches burn? It must be survivors. Sure enough. As I reach deeper into the cave I notice a small girl that appears very frightened. I try and put on a most gallant and friendly smile, or at least, the closest resemblance to one that I can manage considering the circumstances. “Don’t worry now my lady, we will soon be out of here” She just looks at me with teary eyes. Must be traumatized, poor girl. I almost lost myself, and I entered after the whole thing way over. Meanwhile, this poor girl might have saw it happen in person. I shudder with the thought. “Now, come here, take my hand”. She moves to take a hold on my hand, the hold of which is surprisingly strong. I turn my head around to move outside the cave. The last step.

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