It Hurts Like Hell To Escape From Hell

The door opens, followed by the banishment of shadows and the invitation of light. I scream and put my hands over the cause of agony, pressing them hard against my face in an attempt of hindering the blinding radiance from reaching through the cracks of my fingers. It feels as if I were comfortably asleep in a cocoon of darkness, only to be forced awake because someone set fire to it; in other words it hurts like hell. I stumble away from my bed towards the door, flailing and moving like a small child learning how to walk. Through my fingers I notice a familiar silhouette at the door-step, and despite the pain I manage to get a few words out “For gods sake, you could’ve at least told me you were going to do that”. However, she just sighs and takes a hold of my hand as I stumble “Well I could have, but where’s the fun in that, and besides, are you not happy to at last be free to walk in the light again?” She lets me lean on her as I try to make my way outside, and before I leave my temporary imprisonment I whisper to myself, “it sure does hurt like hell to escape from hell”.

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