Weird Dream

The boy is standing atop a tall skyscraper in the middle of a city booming with life. Below him he see small cars and even tinier people, nothing out of the ordinary. However, that which was not expected is the strange creature shaped in the likeness of a green four armed giant alien that just walks par nonchalante across the street beside the cars. As the alien stops before the red light he shoots a wink aimed at the boy, and it baffles him so that he slip and fall down the building. His feet hit the ground hard, and yet he feel completely fine. The ground is not hard, but rather soft and creamy. Looking down he sees that the ground is made entirely of fluffy marshmallows, a sight that leave him puzzled for a minute or two before he notices something even more striking. The huge book walks across his field of sight before vanishing in a mirage, and unless he is mistaken… that over there is proteinbars who are jumping rope, that especially is bizzare to him, for they are supposed to be eaten. As he makes his way toward them, determined to eat them all up, that’s when he wakes up.

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