The Subterranean Trials #1

The last thing I remember before waking up in this strange place is a forelorn feeling, sadness and abandonment. A familiar figure was looking down on me, tears streaming down the face, a visage covered in a veil of shadows as it turns from me, slowly moving further away from my grasp. I reached out for in exasperation, but to no avail, and then all turned black. I sigh loudly, and the sound bounces around in the dark and empty room, coming back to me and enhancing the feeling of loneliness. It does not help much that my back is roaring with pain from being in contact with the goddam stone floor. I grit my teeth and stand up, feeling my way around the room in search of a way out. It takes but two steps in one direction to meet with the slippery and wet feeling of a damp stone wall. I continue to feel my way around the room until I grab hold of what seems to be a doorknob. I lean against the door, press my legs down into the ground, and push as I loosen the doorknob. “Creak”, says the door, but it remains closed. I take a deep breath, slap my cheek, and unleash the extent of my anger on the door. Anger due to not remembering who I am, anger due to me not knowing where I am, and perhaps the most evident cause, anger at the door for daring to stand in my way! Light creeps through the door as I manage to force it open, however, I cannot see a thing due to its blinding radiance, and yet I am used to seeing nothing. Blinded by darkness or blinded by the light, it matters not, it will not stop me from going to the bottom of this. I take a deep breath and step out into the light.

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