Perfect Is A Tragic Delusion

There is no such thing as perfect, and yet we oftentimes spend our entire lives trying to achieve it. Oh, how tragic it is that we need suffer so for what is not even real. Be he peasant or king, it matters naught, for human greed is without bounds. We tell ourselves that once we reach the perfect place of being that we will, at last, be at peace, that at last the tumult quiet down, alas the perfect place is unattainable. We run up a staircase toward that place which we desire, run and run… but steps appear as we do, more and more steps, spiraling up towards infinity, creating an endless loop. Before it is too late one needs to as a human being accept that perfect is but a delusion. Sit down on the staircase and take that well-needed rest, accept that you will never reach that perfect place, look around you, and maybe you will notice that there is more to this world than a staircase.

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