No Escape

Shadows creep up the sides of the narrow tunnel as two figures close in on me. In a haste, I attempt to backtrack, but to no avail. Strong fingers press my shoulders down, keeping me fixed in position, more so due to fear than actual force. I get warm with sweat as I consider the implications. Who are these strange men, are they going to kill me? I am but 17 years old, dying is not supposed to happen NOW. I have so much more I want to do in life. The two figures now stand poised in front of me, each with his trenchcoat and black hat. To see these cocky men stand there, watching down on me, it invokes anger within and I voice it – “Just get it over with you caped bastards! Go ahead kill me, rob me of my future to satisfy your twisted desire”. Suddenly I feel numb and very tired. That’s when I notice a knife jutting out from my chest, and soon comes the pain. I swear that I can see the two bastards chuckling under their hats as they see me fall.

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