Tired Bounty Hunter

Jon slams the door open and enters the luxurious hotel. As he enters the building he realizes that he sticks out like a sore thumb. He has not been showering for weeks, and have worn the same rugged clothes for at the very least a few months. A perplexed man in costume engages Jon in his walk toward the reception desk. “Sir, I urge you to remove your dirty boots before entering our hotel.” Jon shrugs and bows down to remove his dirty shoes only to reveal foul-smelling and even dirtier socks, evoking conspicuous nausea in the poor butler. Jon plants his heavy bag at the feet of the man and turns his focus on the pretty girl at the reception desk. He winks with an eyebrow and leans on desk before speaking: “Hey there cutie, have you got a room this evening”. The lady in the cashier offers him a bewildered look before answering “Yes there is indeed a room, sir, here is the key.” Her hand trembles as she hands Jon the key without even asking for payment, but Jon is a honorable man, crude perhaps, but still honorable. He drops a heavy bag of coins on the desk, causing the lady ‘s eyes to brighten. Jon smiles at her one last time before ascending to his room. “Sleep will be nice” he says, half whispering to himself.

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