The Weather-Man Got It Wrong

You sat glued to the television, watching the dapper weather-man speak in cheerful tones about tomorrow’s weather. You listened to him speak volumes about the warmth and agreebleneiss that await. You thought “How wrong can he be, I mean it is only a day in-between and weather sensing technology is supposed to be mighty advanced nowadays, so tomorrow should be quite awesome then, cool!”. Well… The Weather man got it all wrong, and what’s worse, he wasn’t even remotely close. It would be kinda like if you ordered a cheeseburger at some fast-food place but instead got a live-donkey.

You made plans for a mighty fine day, called up some buddies for a barbecue in the local-park.

You woke up, almost jumping up from bed with the excitedness flowing inside, and immediately you move to uncover the curtain. Imagine your confundedness when

(Raining bombs perhaps, and you are screaming at the weather man with great anger for lying, “The Weather-man got it wroooooooong”


*Experimenting with 2nd pow

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