Today is a day of departure. A day of farewells. However, today is also a day of elation, for at last will I be leaving this ramshackle of a town to go on grand adventures. The world is vast, and thus the opportunities are plenteous. Perhaps will I start by visiting the four grand cities, perhaps will I climb the broad mountains in the east, and even traverse the ocean of sand in search of untold mysteries and long lost ruins.

Such bliss, truly, for now I am in control of my life, free to go wherever I fancy. Time is past for me being shackled, finally will I cut myself loose. My only ache is that I am leaving friends and family behind, leaving the comfort of home, a place of belonging. But I am trying to steel myself, for I will surely come back one day.

I inhale deeply and try to collect my thoughts as I pack my bag of nutrients. The bread that my mom has been experimenting with (hopefully it is edible this time), the cured ham of pigs that my father has breed. I just cannot help but see all in light of the memories connected. I am alone in a house, located at the outskirts of town, wanting to say my last farewells, but not having the guts to do so. For then may I lose the courage to embark. The doors opens with a creak, and I throw the bags up over my right shoulder, looking back one last time at the house of my birth before leaving on my journey.

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