When Paulo rings the bell, dogs drool. When men in white do the same, children scream. 

I am one of these children, or at least I was. The experiments are commonplace for me at this point, and alas I never scream when the bell chimes. Maybe back then I would, when I still felt the pain. Now I feel nothing. No pain, no love, no nothing.

Nowadays I spend my time sitting cross-legged in a corner of the dark cell, listening, watching. At times the bell screams. Terrified screams of children reliving torment, children that know instinctively what is to come. As I see that they are being dragged by the men in white before my cell, I regard them contemptuously, thinking that they should stop fighting it, as it is much easier that way. I am dragged out from my train of thoughts by the screaming of children, time hath come for the daily experiments.

A current of screams echo throughout the facility. With the thick metal door opens with a clambering of gears. After which researches enter the cage-complex. Step. Step. STep. STEp. STEP. A researcher stops right outside my cage.

To be continued…

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