The young man is rocking back and forth on the soles of his feet as he squats down next to the dead body. He is biting on his ruined nails as he ponders, searching for the truth. Pieces of memories lay scattered in the depths of his mind, and alas his attempts at connecting the pieces seem futile. Surrounding him is a scene that belongs in a nightmare. Fresh blood… in the process of being soaked up by the fabric of the once-white carpet, and on it lays the torso of his brother, the limbs being spread elsewhere throughout the room. The man swallows with a gulp as he notices that the ends of his brother’s limbs are rugged, that is to say, that they look to have been ripped off the body of his precious brother.

Once his home smelled of tumeric and steamed fish, but now the repugnant odor of flesh and gore is all that remains. Old memories creates a path, leading to the truth. Suddenly the man starts sweating profoundly… his heart looking to beat out from his chest. For now he knows. The man is trembling as he moves his eyes down to his tattered shorts and bare pawns. The man-wolf lets out a heartbroken shriek as he realizes at last. It was himself that killed his brother, it is his fault that naught but pain remain for the both of them. The man-wolf stabs himself in the heart with sharp claws. The once-man falls lifeless onto his brothers back, praying with his last breath for forgiveness.

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